The evil Dentist Cooperation has found a way into the peaceful and harmonic Candyland and is threaten the innocent population. The land needs a hero who stands against the invasion of the dentists and will bring peace back to Candyland. The prophecy told about a young boy out of gum who will rescue inhabitants of candyland and deafeat the Dentist Cooperation.

Free all three candies from there cages to get to the endboss! Have fun! This is my very first Game ever and my submission for the #candyjam 2014

Graphics + Dev
Gerrit Halfmann (@halfmage) (

Travis William Clark (@_TravisClark) (

Update 1.1 (02/09/2014)

  • Some Bugfixes
  • Added WA(S)D Controls ("W" for Jumping)
  • Reworked the Choco-Level and Endboss-Level
  • ScreenShake when killing an enemey (hell yeah!)
  • Falling down only substract 1 from your 3 lifes
  • The Game should be more challenging now! ;-)
Published Feb 02, 2014
AuthorGerrit / halfmage
Made withConstruct
Tagscandy, candyjam, gumboy, Pixel Art, platform